BJ Holtgrewe

BJ is an accomplished creative director, producer, filmmaker, photographer, animator and author known for his passion as an effective visual storyteller.

Over the last 17 years BJ has produced and directed over 100 videos filmed in over 26 countries in all corners of the world working for international corporations, television networks and non-profits. BJ specializes in small-footprint productions but also has extensive experience providing production management services for large television commercials.

Video Production

The world captured in moving pictures, sounds and emotion.

Professional production requires quality scriptwriting, strategic location and talent scouting, value-add props, professional directing, proper lighting, clear audio recording, compelling image capture (moving or still) and editing that adds to the story without becoming the story. It also requires a balance of creative pursuit and financial investment.


Storytelling in a single frame

Capturing the experience of people, places, nature, events and things in their normal state of existence or during special occasions is always a dynamic activity full of possibilities and the unique instance yet to be discovered. Bringing live to motionless pixels is a challenge to be pursued with an open mind trusting the story is hidden within the obvious.

Website Design

Storytelling to the world.

Clean website design starts with the development of a clear understanding of what the purpose of sharing your story to the world is.

Once this is formulated bringing to life a compelling story woven from words, photos, artwork and videos follows.

“ Use all your senses to soak in the world around you. Experience it using touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. Take it all in then filter it through your experiences in life, the eyes of friends and family and your heart making it yours. ”

bj holtgrewe