Explainer Videos

Whiteboard or Explainer videos have been popular for a few years. The general approach has a hand either drawing or moving around graphic images as the camera moves around in a fast tempo.

The marketing hype surrounding this animated graphics approach can be overwhelming. They are either the greatest invention since motion pictures and/or the best way to increase your brand awareness with guaranteed viral energy across all social media.

Whiteboard videos are yet another approach to storytelling allowing you to share your message but they are not the end all in videos.

Getting Started

The first step is the creating a whiteboard video is a clean script. Ok, so that should be one of the first steps in any video production but for a whiteboard video to be effective the script needs to breakdown into short sentences designed to accommodate clear visual elements supported by motion.

A good length for an explainer vidio is between 60 to 120 seconds. Doing a less than 60 second cut requires as much work as doing a lover than 120 second cut. The key is to make sure the flow is fast enough to keep the viewers attention yet complete enough to tell the entire story. On average a 75 second vido has between 10 and 15 scenes.

Selecting the right illustrations

Although you can commision a graphic artist and create from scratch all of the artwork for your video the cost could run as much as 100% of the entire production. Until recently we typically started with one of the many illustration collections we license and then as needed extend it out with like-style custom creations. The problem is the 'canned' libraries will always be missing the right avatar, location and prop you need and trying to create a like-style is time consuming.

We finally decided the best approach was to build our own Team Avatar world with an extensive colection of people, places and things. Because we created the look we can extend it as needed.

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