Website Design

Storytelling to the World.

Clean website design starts with the development of a clear understanding of what the purpose of sharing your story to the world is.

Web Design

Capturing the experience of people in their normal walk of life or during special occasions is always a dynamic activity full of possibilities and the unique instance yet to be discovered. Individuals, couples, small groups and large audiences reflect their surroundings even if it is a white walled studio.


Artwork and photos if designed and an incorporated correctly can truly replace text when telling a story. Don't in a sloppy manner they can have the opposite effect? You might not know what looks good at a technical level but every viewer knows what looks bad.


Storytelling through film and video is the most challenging and rewarding aspect of my work today. Figuring out how to tell a story successfully requires the willingness not only handle the technical and logistic aspects of production but the need to tighten the final production into a message with a clean beginning, middle and end.

Many times during the entire process I find it extremely necessary to stop and review the goal of the video. Killing "sacred" clips (that dog that was hanging around looking cute or the tremendously cool shot jib shot that takes 15 seconds of the 90 second video) requires rests.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is considered by many as being black magic. It can be a deep dark hole if you attempt to tackle all aspects of it at once.

In the not so distant pass (and even today) website creators have gone to great lengths to attempt to trick Google, Bing and Yahoo (driven by Bing) into increasing their page ranking so that they the site they are working on appears at the top of the search list.

In the next few weeks I'll share a blog on this topic attempting to show what works for me.

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